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Customer experience first?

How to gain more time to serve your customers

Successful companies are more focused on innovation, put the customer experience first and are prepared to invest in technology. These were the conclusions of a study sponsored by BluJay Solutions (Source: A significant 37% of successful companies said that offering a better customer experience was one of the most important drivers for innovation in the supply chain. In addition, the study shows that there is a clear link between business success, innovation and customer focus. So how do you make sure that your store staff have more time to provide a superior retail customer experience?

Automation in the retail industry

To make time-consuming processes more efficient, companies are focusing more and more on automation in the retail industry. And that is a smart move. Why perform complex processes by hand if you can do it automatically? A variety of smart software is already used to manage purchasing processes. But the first allocation and replenishment processes are much more complex. So it’s strange that these processes are often not automated. Many retail stores use Excel to do this (read the article: No future for inventory management in Excel) and store staff lose a lot of time choosing the right inventory and analyzing the data. What a waste. Because they can make far better use of this time to create a memorable retail customer experience.

Innovations in inventory optimization

Automation is a step in the right direction, but innovation goes much farther. A great deal of inventory software works according to one-on-one replenishment. Was one article sold? Then it’s replaced with one of the same. Sounds good on paper, but it’s not always effective in practice. Stores often do not have a desired item in stock for a customer or have too much stock of items that nobody wants (read the article: Too much stock left over?). Smart Supply is inventory optimization software that not only automates your processes, but makes them work smarter too. Dynamic replenishment based on actual customer demand. This type of inventory optimization works much more accurately. The right product, in the right color and size, in the right location. Thanks to Smart Supply your processes are automated, your staff lose less time reshuffling stock and there is more time to focus on what’s really important: the customer. Interested in learning more about our innovation in retail automation and dynamic replenishment? Read everything about Smart Supply or contact us.


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